Aphids on eggplants

Aphids on eggplants

Aphids on eggplants are not beautiful and annoy every gardener. They cause unsightly discoloration on the leaves and can endanger the entire harvest. The best remedy for aphids on eggplants is prevention. A healthy plant has enough protective mechanisms. Therefore, make sure that your plants are healthy and strong and that they grow up under perfect circumstances and conditions, because only healthy plants have enough protective mechanisms to defend themselves against insects, pests and other diseases.

Aphids on eggplants brief info:

The eggplant is also called eggplant and is a subtropical plant species. It belongs to the genus nightshade and to the nightshade family. There are particularly small, slim and round fruits. In Germany you mainly get the club-shaped, dark purple to black shimmering aubergines. They are perennial herbaceous woody plants. They grow up to 150 cm high.

aphids on eggplants
aphids on eggplants

Fighting aphids on eggplants:

  • Keep eggplants warm, sunny and dry
  • Avoid wet parts of the plant
  • Make sure there is sufficient air supply
  • Use beneficial insects to protect against aphids on eggplants
  • Sprinkle with soapy water or neem

Fight aphids on eggplants with beneficial insects

They can also fight aphids on aubergines with beneficial insects. Make sure that there is always enough space for beneficial insects to retreat and that they give you the chance to reproduce in your garden. Aphids on eggplants are often eaten by beneficial insects. The beneficial insects are the aphid’s natural enemy.

Proven remedy against aphids on eggplants

These remedies always help against aphids on eggplants in an emergency:

Fight aphids on eggplants

In this article you can read what you can do against aphids on eggplants and how you can fight aphids on eggplants. Aphids on eggplants are easy to control. For example, beneficial insects or various home remedies can be used. Do not use chemical agents until the last resort in the fight against aphids on eggplants.